Mace Blvd Corridor Improvements – Davis

Repost from Stacy Winton, City of Davis

Improvements being made to the Mace corridor include:

-Bicycle and pedestrian improvements to the Mace/Cowell intersection by squaring up the intersection for vehicles, shortening crossing distances, and reducing conflict areas with vehicles.

-Installing a cycle track/curb-separated bikeway on Mace Blvd from Cowell down to Redbud Dr. A cycle track is an exclusive bikeway that has elements of a separated path and on-road bike lane. A cycle track is located within or next to the roadway, but is made distinct from both the sidewalk and general purpose roadway by vertical barriers or elevation differences.

-Reducing vehicle travel lanes on Mace to one lane in each direction with turn pockets or a center turn lane.

-Installing a Hawk Pedestrian Crosswalk Signal at Mace and San Marino A Hawk signal is a pedestrian activated signal. Approaching drivers will see the typical yellow, then red signal for stopping when the button is pushed by a pedestrian. Here is video that describes how a Hawk system works:

-Resurfacing and re-striping of Mace Blvd.

-This project will be completed in November. Construction/Safety Update: The Contractor is currently repairing and replacing concrete flatwork, including ramps and median work at the Cowell intersection. Once completed, they will begin work on paving the street, including a full-depth reconstruction. This will continue to the end of the calendar year. The signal at Mace & Cowell will be in blinking mode during this phase.


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