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Did you know that our team member Allison Skaggs-Cuevas is a NAR Green Designee? Contact us today with your questions! 

Here are 10 strategies to make a good Green first impression and a pre-listing to-do list for sellers. 

1. Healthy IAQ. (Indoor Air Quality)There is value in using non-toxic paints and stains and natural, healthy cleaning supplies for homeowners who are making upgrades, cleaning, and repainting. We can make the case with prospective buyers that they’ll be moving into a space with better indoor air quality. For a deep dive into creating a healthy home, check out the Healthy House Institute

2. Green Upgrades. If you are willing to invest in more significant upgrades, let’s meet to discuss materials to consider including and avoiding for every project. If you are putting in new flooring, for example, consider the value of installing  FSC-certified woodSalvaged flooring is another option, and such a feature becomes a unique design element for realtors to highlight during tours with prospective buyers.

3. High-Tech Toys. What home technology do you utilize to manage lights, control the HVAC system, identify energy waste, etc?

4. Zero chemicals. To prepare for sale (photography and tours) purge the house of all chemicals, from toxic cleaning products in the storage room and drain cleaner in the kitchen, to hair dye in the bathroom and lawn and garden chemicals in the garage.

5. Native plants. Outside, install an herb garden or even pots with edibles near the kitchen door. Native plants, flowers, and grasses typically trump a high- maintenance lawn. Such plantings require less maintenance than grass, they save water, and attract butterflies, bees, and birds.   

6. High-impact trees. Trees also offer an array of human health and environmental advantages, including improved air quality and better storm water management. They also provide natural shade for a house. If you are willing to plant new trees, check out i-Tree Design which allows you to virtually plant a tree on a given property and it calculates the environmental and financial benefits that the tree will provide.

7. Firescaping. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, modify the landscape to give your property a better chance of survival during a fire. Understand the basics of creating defensible zones, choosing fire-resistant plants, and how best to group plants. The University of California’s Garden Web provides detailed how-to tips.  Firescaping helps to distinguish a home from its competitors and it’s another conversation starter during showings. 

8. Easy composting, recycling. Be sure to make composting and recycling bins and rainwater barrels prominent. It’s a subtle signal to prospects about just how simple it would be to move in and continue with their green habits and adopt new ones. 

9. Green food. Scan through cabinets for “forbidden items” perhaps ditch the Cheese Whiz. Junk food, processed cheese, and plastic water bottles are no-no’s, for example. Organic food and fresh fruit make for a better first impression for buyers.

10. Clear green benefits. Documenting every green element is encouraged. Creating an itemized list to identify each green system, appliance, and feature will help highlight features that might otherwise not be considered.

SOURCE: The REsource Newsletter, National Association of Realtors

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